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Two Gay Men And A Transgender Woman Hospitalized After Anti-LGBT Attacks Hit Washington D.C. Neighborhood

Three Washington D.C.-based residents are hospitalized this week after what has been deemed a “spate of LGBT violence” in the Columbia Heights neighborhood.

As the Washington Blade is reporting, one gay man was shot in an International House Of Pancakes (IHOP) franchise in Columbia Heights on March 11, while another gay man and a transgender woman were badly beaten on the street the following day in separate incidents during a period of just over 24 hours. Police have listed the attacks against the two gay men as anti-gay hate crimes.

Although the attack against the transgender woman is not currently listed as an anti-trans hate crime, the Blade cites a police report indicating that officials are looking into the possibility that it may have been one. At present, the gay male victims remained hospitalized this week, with one being treated for a bullet wound to his liver and the other awaiting surgery Wednesday afternoon to repair a broken jaw. The transgender woman was treated and released for a head injury after being knocked unconscious, according to the Blade.

“It blows my mind that people can be so violent for no reason,” the partner of one of the gay victims, who asked his name not be released, told NBC Washington. Still, he added, “we realize that he could have been hit with a baseball bat, or stabbed or shot or something like that, so even though his injuries are serious, they’re not life-threatening.”

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via The Trans Women's Anti-Violence Project
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