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We don’t need to justify ourselves to anyone. We don’t need a reason to be queer. Maybe we were born this way, maybe we weren’t. Maybe sexuality is fluid for some people and not for others. It’s totally irrelevant either way. The message we need to send to heterosexists is not that our sexuality was foisted upon us and that they should be “tolerant” and “understanding”. The message is: our sexuality is perfectly valid and none of your business, we offer you no excuses, and we are never going away.

Social Justice League: Fauxgress Watch: “Born This Way”. (via feminismduh)


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Yes, queer and trans* people without race and/or class privilege will be able to get married the same as other queers. But that doesn’t mean that we will have the same benefits. If two poor people with no healthcare marry each other, they don’t suddenly get healthcare. And a black queer couple can’t get a break on estate taxes for a property they can’t buy because the owner will only sell to white folks.
Black Girl Dangerous (via ftmiles)

I’m so sick of hearing about suicide prevention and rallies to stop suicide.


If you want to stop suicide, then stop oppression.

If you want to stop suicide, then stop stigmatization of mental illness.

If you want to stop suicide, then stop bullying.

If you want to stop suicide, then stop capitalism.

If you want to stop suicide, then stop treating people with hatred and disrespect.

If you want to stop suicide, then stop shaming people with suicidal thoughts.

If you want to stop suicide, then stop creating a world people can’t live in.

Being a white, feminist ally is not about being recognized for one’s good work, being congratulated or receiving an honorarium. It’s about saying what needs to be said without any expectation of recognition, simply because it is the right thing to do. It is the right thing to stand up for voices missing in the room, the same voices that are easily ignored when they are present. The white allies I trust the most are the ones I know are talking about race not only for the benefit of the people of color in the room but for the benefit of their white peers.
Ashley Young via Autostraddle — Race, Class and White People’s Beach Houses: On Talking to Privileged People About Privilege (via autostraddle)





The delightful Kriss Abigail has done it again. This preview photo is amazing, and I can’t wait for the rest of the set. We shot nearly my entire collection, and Kriss’s eye for detail has me looking fabulous.

Posing for Kriss has given me a peek into the modeling world and how photo shoots really work. These photos are not real life. They are a creation. They are the result of hours of primping and lighting adjustments and uncomfortable poses and hundreds of frames and photoshop. It’s beautiful, but it’s not natural. And now I see every photo for what it really is because I’ve peeked behind the curtain of this illusion and seen how its made.


This is fantastic

I don’t know, it’s not that much photoshop depending on who you go to.  Half the time I can’t tell the difference between edits and non if it weren’t for the watermark.  I will say it is a good couple of hours for makeup/hair, but that’s because curls take time.  And posing is really fun when you are just having a good time.

If anything, modeling has made me appreciate the art of photography and just the ability to capture a person’s beauty. 

I’m not trying to blame everything on airbrushing or Photoshop. And, yes, posing and creating photos is fun. I’m just pointing out that this is a creation, this is not me. This is not real life. And it took me having a photo shoot like this to understand that all the images I am constantly inundated with, that shape my perception of reality, are not actually real. They only exist in a fraction of a second that was manipulated with light and makeup and posing and costumes, etc.

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