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Sorry hit enter before I finished. What is the color? The rest of the look is smashing as well.

Thank you. I used Wet ‘n Wild Fast Dry in The Gold & The Beautiful and Wet ‘n Wild Crystalic in Fire Goddess. The gold is out now, but the red is from a Halloween collection from a few years back. To get the crisscross effect, I painted Scotch tape strips, laid them on my painted nails in the pattern I wanted and then painted over them with top coat.


Another super cool nail trick is to use faux tattoos! 

  1. Use a base coat to protect and strengthen your nails if you’d like, I highly suggest it!
  2. Paint your nails with a base colour, white was used here but I think you could use any colour you wanted.
  3. Cut the tattoo to fit your nail(s) and remove the protective plastic
  4. Place it how you’d like it to sit on your nail and gently press to make it stick 
  5. Wet it for about 30-40 seconds using a cotton pad, sponge, whatever you have on hand
  6. Peel off the backing paper very gently and ta-da! you may have some hanging off the end of your nail so gently just fold it under the nail and press it off
  7. Top coat for lasting power and you’re done! 

- olivicat

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