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The delightful Kriss Abigail has done it again. This preview photo is amazing, and I can’t wait for the rest of the set. We shot nearly my entire collection, and Kriss’s eye for detail has me looking fabulous.

Posing for Kriss has given me a peek into the modeling world and how photo shoots really work. These photos are not real life. They are a creation. They are the result of hours of primping and lighting adjustments and uncomfortable poses and hundreds of frames and photoshop. It’s beautiful, but it’s not natural. And now I see every photo for what it really is because I’ve peeked behind the curtain of this illusion and seen how its made.


This is fantastic

I don’t know, it’s not that much photoshop depending on who you go to.  Half the time I can’t tell the difference between edits and non if it weren’t for the watermark.  I will say it is a good couple of hours for makeup/hair, but that’s because curls take time.  And posing is really fun when you are just having a good time.

If anything, modeling has made me appreciate the art of photography and just the ability to capture a person’s beauty. 

I’m not trying to blame everything on airbrushing or Photoshop. And, yes, posing and creating photos is fun. I’m just pointing out that this is a creation, this is not me. This is not real life. And it took me having a photo shoot like this to understand that all the images I am constantly inundated with, that shape my perception of reality, are not actually real. They only exist in a fraction of a second that was manipulated with light and makeup and posing and costumes, etc.



En route to the Golden Girls party. Did my makeup on the CTA. #ootd #instafashion (at CTA Bus Stop - Clark & Ridge)

I have so much love for this woman.  Beyond being fucking amazing as a human on the inside, she’s a fucking fox on the outside too.  I mean first off, the hair, the lips, the eyes, the make up- perfection!  But beyond all else… those glasses.

She has so inspired me… …new pictures soon!

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your kind words. I can’t wait to see your new photos!

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Hey I went and saw this over the weekend and lemme tell you what, it was fucking awesome. I am kind of bummed out that the run was so short. It will be running this weekend in Pilsen and you should really go see it it. I totally had to make myself not cry and everything. 

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yup, i’m going, and i’m crying

The play is absolutely amazing. Everyone did a great job. I went to it not expecting much, and I was absolutely blown away. I’m so proud of everyone involved and the support they’ve been receiving. And they most definitely need some encore performances.

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