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OOTD: Trans Pride


Photos from T.G.I.F. (trans, gnc, and intersex freedom) Rally and Picnic. I performed my Femme Poem with Queer Quior.

US size 26.

Dress: Asos Curve
Shoes: Sears
Necklace: Forever 21
Headband: Hot Topic 

Submitted by GlitterFarm.

Etsy shop coming soon, but please check out my current auctions on eBay of items straight from my closet (listing new stuff everyday):



Another super cool nail trick is to use faux tattoos! 

  1. Use a base coat to protect and strengthen your nails if you’d like, I highly suggest it!
  2. Paint your nails with a base colour, white was used here but I think you could use any colour you wanted.
  3. Cut the tattoo to fit your nail(s) and remove the protective plastic
  4. Place it how you’d like it to sit on your nail and gently press to make it stick 
  5. Wet it for about 30-40 seconds using a cotton pad, sponge, whatever you have on hand
  6. Peel off the backing paper very gently and ta-da! you may have some hanging off the end of your nail so gently just fold it under the nail and press it off
  7. Top coat for lasting power and you’re done! 

- olivicat

Torrid coupon codes


I saw someone posted the coupon code for $150 off $300 at Torrid which is only a fraction of the basically 50% off coupon codes they have going on right now. I wanted to make this easier for everyone.

$25 off of purchases ranging from $50-$99 = TDHaute25 

$50 off of purchases ranging from $100-$149 = TDHaute50

$75 off of purchases ranging from $150-$199 = TDHaute75

$100 off of purchases ranging from $200-299 = TDHaute100

$150 off of purchases ranging from $300 = TDHaute150

This ends April 22nd.


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